Barber shop uncut


Enjoy a comfortable spot of self relaxing male grooming while the world around you passes by with the all-new free Barber Shop Uncut Slot Machine. Sit back and relax at the center of a clean, authentic barbershop with all the latest slot reels inside. When it is your lucky day, you can treat yourself to one of the classic haircuts that are available on the machine. Play a few games against the machines inside the salon before continuing on to the freeroll game where you can win cash and other prizes.

The freeroll slot game requires you to match the correct color combination before moving forward to the next number on the pay line. The trick is to pay attention to the number patterns and use the exact same color combination as the previous selection. There are 40 pay lines in all and professional staff will take you through them all and help you select the winning numbers for each.

Once you are happy with your choice of numbers, it is time for you to try your luck at the bonus game and see if you can win cash and other prizes. The Barber Shop Uncut Slot Machines bonus game is a popular game with players because there is no limit to how many times you can play for and how many results you can get. There are a total of 8 prize options in this game and each one represents either a free haircut or can be used towards different aspects of the game including the purchase of new haircuts. There are no catches and no time limit so you don't have to worry about getting a result that you didn't think you would!

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