Glorious rome

Travel back in time in Glorious Rome with the help of a casino game, purely by Pragmatic Play. Explore the magnificent beauty displayed by the Roman Empire in this challenging online slot game. It's loaded with fantastic features and rewarding payout that will have you right at the edge of your seats.

Glorious Rome can be played single player or ten players at a time, where you must scatter to different cities in order to win. Each city shown on the screen has a symbol representing it – for instance, if you click on Rome, you'll be transported to the first view of it. Initially, you'll be given ten free spins with which to explore the map and travel from city to city. As soon as you reach level ten, a new exciting scenario will unfold in which you'll need to scatter to other cities – for instance, you'll encounter two thieves in the sewers of Paris and meet a centurion soldier in the deserts of Egypt!

The graphics and theme are both top notch, providing an extremely enjoyable gaming experience. The graphics are extremely crisp and life-like, while the background music provides a great degree of drama along with fitting music accompaniment, similar to the ones used in films. The free spinning reels feature a wide variety of symbols depicting the famous cities of glorious rome, with every symbol representing something unique. For instance, when you click on Rome, the background shows a picture of the city with the Etruscan style architecture, whilst when you choose London, a picture of the British railway station appears. Whilst some of these symbols change depending on your progress through the slot, they're fun additions to the gameplay, providing excellent tips and hints throughout the game.

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