Mega joker


Mega Joker is a casino game that is based on a famous cartoon character of the same name. Take the plunge and download for free from our trusted site, select for January 2021! Mega Joker is an online casino game that has been given a new spin by its makers.

The casino slot game of Mega Joker is based on the classic arcade game of the same name. The game has a classic mode, wherein you will have to choose a card, any combination thereof and pull the “red light”. Once you are done, the next turn gives you another chance to choose a card and pull the red light again. The more you pull it, means the higher your chances to win and the more your opponent's bet, your winnings decrease. As in most classic slot games, winning has more chances of coming true with the same amount of bets, thus, players may opt to either play for small jackpots or large ones depending on their winnings.

In a nutshell, Mega Joker is a modern take on classic casino video slots game. Playing it online gives you an opportunity to try out the updated version for free without any obligation and to also see for yourself if the changes and improvements Mega Joker bring are worth the investment. To date, the only casino game that has taken this kind of a twist is Video Poker.

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