Rocket fellas inc

A light hearted fun with some strategic thinking required for you to make some money off the virtual slot machines, Rocket Fellas is an online slot machine game. The game itself takes place on the virtual platform of a casino and is simple to pick up. The virtual graphic interface of the game is very nice and is easy to use and has an animated background. The interface also contains a variety of different icons which have been divided into different categories. It's not just the interface though that is so impressive, it's the content of the game too that makes Rocket fellas one of the best online casino game sites.

Like the real slot machines, this game has a collection of jackpot icons that are awarded once all the other icons in that row are full and once that happens, a big announcement is made that the jackpot has been won and a message appears beneath the slots saying “You've Won”,” Loaded”, “Melt” and other such words to help you get your money out. There are many icons to choose from when it comes to the different coins that you want to load into the machine. The mined slots are like the traditional slots except that the payouts here are smaller and not as much money can be made by winning the big icons. This is the only real difference between the traditional slots and the game played via the internet.

When you win a jackpot or if the time has elapsed since you last won, a message will appear and the screen will change to show a new icon. If it's a red capsule, then you've won already and your icons will turn into coins and another capsule will appear indicating that you have to spin again. If it's a blue capsule, then you are allowed to spin a total of four capsules until the screen changes to green. You get to see the same symbols over again but this time they have a star cluster symbol behind them. After you have won all the capsules in this sequence, a small “thank you” message will appear and the spinning of the slot machines will be over.

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