Tiger rush


The history behind the Tiger Rush machine is a dark, muddy jungle, that is so ambiguous and light that it almost makes you believe it might be a watercolor painting. What doesn't grab your attention at first is the beautiful colorful score and soothing, ambient forest noises that only add to the Asian theme. Once you start playing you get that sinking feeling in your stomach that you know is soon to leave you sitting on the edge of losing money. This addictive casino game can leave you running back for more.

The layout of the actual Tiger Rush machine has been changed slightly since it was originally released, but it still features the familiar round black & white graphics you would expect to see on an online casino game. It also features the familiar icons you recognize from any other online casino game, such as the icon for the bankroll counter or the jackpot icon. There is also an additional set of icons that can be used while playing the game. These icons are: win, amount, reset, re-buy, and coins, and when used together they will cause the graphics to change in such a way that they look like a moving picture.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Tiger Rush machine is the bonus features it offers players. Although this casino game offers no real cash value, it does offer a number of exciting bonus features that make this slot machine fun and exciting to play. For example, players who win real money can get an extra 100 complimentary coins which can then be used for playing the special bonus game slots. Also, winning real money will earn you a bonus that includes the purchase of an additional base game. There are a total of nine different bonus features available to players, and each one is themed differently.

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