Turning totems


Turning totems is a popular online slot game, a great choice for those who want to play casino slot games without having to travel out of their living rooms. The soothing sounds of the rustling pan flute fill the quiet desert landscapes of Turning Totem, a slot game set in the beautiful American Southwest. The game consists of five reels with three rows in the traditional style of Native American tribal columns, which each pay either one or two points. When a player lines up to hit, the machine will stop and show a symbol on the screen. If the player hits the symbol, the reel will rotate forward and then rotate back, until it stops and shows another symbol. The longer a player waits, the more symbols on the reel will rotate.

The first symbol on the screen when the game starts is the sun, after which there are four more symbols, each of which corresponds to an Indian village. Once all five symbols are spinning, you will notice a circular icon on the lower right-hand corner of your screen, this is the “banked symbol”, which means you have successfully completed one round of spinning. In order to continue playing, the player must complete five free spins of reels before switching to the next symbol, each symbol corresponds to a distinct town located in the southwest.

Completing five rounds of spinning reels earns you the “banked” icon, and allows you to switch from one type of tribe to another. Slots are a wonderful casino game that can be played by anyone, any level of experience is fair game. For this reason, many professional gamblers play slots for fun, while earning a bit of extra money. This is also why you should consider playing slots with the same goal in mind, earning a bit of extra cash. Turning totems is a great way to earn an extra $1.50 off of every single spins, and this can easily translate into extra cash so you can live your life better today.

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