Unicorn legend

One of the most exciting games on casino is the free Unicorn Legend game. This is a flash casino game and will require you to click on every single pixel as you move your cursor around the screen. It's so addicting! Unicorns on Trial is available in” Simulator” mode, but if you're looking for a real-time run, it can get a bit difficult to get a shot at it.

Once the game loads, you'll notice that your goal is to collect all seven pieces of the legendary Unicorn horn before the time expires. The game consists of five reels that you need to hit in order to make the horn spin. As you hit the reels, an image of a dancing Unicorn appears on your screen followed by a word that says “You're almost there”. Once you've hit all the reels, the music stops and the screen shows an image of a dancing Unicorn horn, followed by another word that says “You've just made one more spin”.

If you hit all the reels within a certain amount of time (usually about ten spins), the screen will change to a winning panel and show you a message that says “You've just earned your first real win” and then another saying “You're next win goes into your personal account”. Your winning puts money in your account, which you can use to buy gifts for yourself or to play other casino games. You can also buy extra spins after winning the game, and some casinos have even implemented a feature that allows you to see the next image when your time runs out. Playing the Unicorn legend mobile slot game is fun and winning isn't.

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